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Incorporation of specialised talent as and when required

This situation is no doubt familiar to you: as the person in charge of production, or the manager of a company, you find that you need to modify your production line or improve a machine, but you do not have the appropriate know-how in house. Even so, your team knows the machine, the production process and the product better than anyone else. They work with it every day, and so you cannot externalise this work. Merely explaining certain aspects of its workings to an external company will take too much time. What should you do? Contract another company to do it, or take on another member of staff? It is clear that neither option offers a perfect solution.

But this is where we come in. We can provide you with external expertise, as and when required, to carry out the modification. We offer industrial mechanical engineering know-how that can be added to your team, providing you with an external support team: a back office expert. We will provide you with an expert professional who will join your team to make the modification and then leave when the job has been done. 100% variable costs, without the need to incorporate new staff and all that that entails. A specialised engineer for your team.

We have been providing our clients with this type of solution for over 10 years. Ask us for more information and for references and success stories about the national and multinational companies that we have helped with these solutions.

Incorporation of specialised talent as and when required.