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Why Eguren?

Why Eguren R&D?

Eguren R&D; first solutions, then mechanical industrial engineering.

We are sure that you do not need any mechanical engineering projects; what you need are solutions to your product and production problems. We are therefore proud to announce that we do not do projects but rather implement mechanical engineering solutions that provide added value, based on rigorous, creative and contrasted quality, which are verified using the most advanced technological means. The project is only one part of our way of working and it is probably not what you really need.

This way of understanding our work is what makes us different. Our whole team focuses on offering you the solution that best meets your product or industrial production needs rather than just providing engineering projects. We do not complicate the process of introducing the solution or get lost in documentation or unnecessary administrative work that does not provide you with any added value. Instead, we provide the planning that we promise you, find more profitable, distinctive and reliable solutions for your problems, and meet your needs as quickly as possible. We have the capacity to provide the resources and technical means that you require. Eguren R&D; first solutions, then mechanical industrial engineering.

This philosophy has led us to introduce three flexible options for working with our clients: we can present the solution as an external consultant; we can work as part of a team in conjunction with the client’s own engineers; or we can even destine members of our expert staff to work as part of the client’s team, with them working flat out from the very start. You can choose which service you prefer. This is the difference between selling solutions and doing projects.You contribute the know-how from your market and sector, while we contribute the engineering know-how.

For over a decade, we have been convinced that this is the best way for us to work as a company; it is what we believe in. We would like you to know a bit more about us…


“ They provide our team with experience, technical resources and confidentiality, enabling us to transform our ideas and requirements into successful commercial end products ”

Toni Verdú
Director, HTV

“ Professional work, close contact and a team that you can trust ”

Ramon Blanch
Propietario, Apícola Junedenca S.L.

“ With their tried and trusted team, Eguren provide our R&D department with efficient and quality support ”

Jordi Graells
Director Técnico, Inglet

“ They turn our ideas into realities ”

Ignasi Garriga
Responsable de Mantenimiento, Bonarea - Corporació Alimentària de Guissona S.A.

“ Efficiency, responsibility and technical commitment to TRADINSA’s projects ”

Jordi Salud
Director General, Tradinsa

“ As a partner, Eguren R&D Solutions = Commitment + Innovation ”

Àngel Rossell i Roig
Director General, Payper

“ EGUREN R&D Solutions provide us with highly qualified and experienced staff who are experts in the analysis and development of our product ”

Victor Teixiné
Gerente, Movitec