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Standardisation: creating unique machines

You pick up the telephone. It is that client who made you an offer for the machine that you produce, just a few days ago. They have also had offers from your competitors. They prefer yours, but it does not do exactly what they need. As the conversation goes on, things get complicated and it becomes increasingly clear that it will not be your company that sells them the machine, despite the fact that it is clearly the best option.
The reason is that it requires an important modification to adapt it to your client’s production line and you only manufacture standard machines in series; you do not have the necessary team, software or knowledge to carry out the modification competitively and with guarantees.

We can help you. We can adapt machines that are produced in series to the unique specifications of your clients. Our team has done this thousands of times, working with machine manufacturers from all sectors.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Offer products that are 100% tailor-made to meet your clients’ requirements. Count on us to distinguish you from your competition and offer your clients real added value.

A team of engineers at your disposal to help you sell more and better.